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In 2020 I was hired by publisher Menlu to visualize a Saint Nicolas Comic, called: Wild Geraas.

The book is available since Obtober 2021.

In 2021 till now I am working together with Tessa Gabriels on the Graphic novel: Wat we kunnen zijn. A comic about a girl that has the perfect life but discovers a huge secret on the island she lives on.

For the future I still have several projects planned like 'Deadly Deals', 'Tanta Mai', 'A true Love' story and many more!  

My name is Kimberly Legito Geelen. Born in 1990 in the Netherlands, Weert. From a young age I loved to draw and I never stopped. Around the age of 13, I discovered the world of Anime and Manga. I got immediately hooked to the style and the stories. 

This inspired me to want to make my own comics and manga. I graduated in 2015 from ArtEZ, Comic and Design. While still in art school I started with my online webcomic SunD&D. A comic about our D&D adventure. This D&D adventure was written my my husband and played by me and several other friends. 


Two years after graduating I made my frist manga: Oyasumi, together with my art school friends. In this manga we all made our own short horror comic story and bundled them together. Oyasumi, A cat's purrpose is to be expected in 2024. In this Oyasumi volume, one bigger story will play the part and 2 smaller. All about cats and their battle with horror beings! 


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